American Sport Touring Mission Statement

Welcome to American Sport Touring, an online magazine born in New York City, raised in Seattle, and schooled on the roads in between!  American Sport Touring was conceived and designed for motorcycle sport touring enthusiasts with a single mission in mind – to excite the imagination and passion to ride. 

Independently researched motorcycling insights, destinations, and product reviews artfully written by humans for sport touring riders.

The American Sport Touring Team works hard to deliver trustworthy information on all facets of motorcycle sport touring from amazing destinations, tours to talk, and insights on safe riding and the latest gear.

Crescent Bar WA
Crescent Bar on the Columbia River in eastern Washington State.

We understand that reading about riding comes second to riding.  That’s why we work hard to earn the time you spend with us by holding fast to three guiding principles…

Accurate & Up to date.  Articles published on American Sport Touring are extensively researched and fact checked.  Previously published articles are reviewed regularly and updated with new information when needed.​

Independent & Impartial.  American Sport Touring does not accept fees to recommend or endorse any product or service.  When we describe a ride plan, recommend places to stop, or products to bring along it is because we evaluated them objectively and believe they merit your consideration.  We can’t emphasize this enough.

Transparent.  American Sport Touring publishes original content and may occasionally re-publish content from partners where that content compliments our mission.  We always give full credit to the original author and publisher.  The same disclosure and attribution practice goes for any content we may use from product manufacturers and service providers.

Our team of talented writers welcome your feedback to help shape the direction and usefulness of American Sport Touring.  Tell us what you like or don’t like about the articles we publish.  Let us know what topics you care about and we’ll do our best to cover them.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, contact us anytime.

John DeVitis
Founder & Publisher
American Sport Touring