These distinctive badges above each engine cylinder make it easy to identify a member of the R12 family. Image courtesy of BMW of North America.

BMW Announces 2024 R12 Models

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On Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, BMW Motorrad announced two 2024 R12 models in the Heritage Line. While neither is a particularly good choice for sport touring, they are exciting additions to ones riding stable. Choose the R12 for relaxed cruising or the R12 nineT for more spirited rides beyond the urban canyons.

BMW Motorrad introduced the original R nineT in 2013 and has maintained the same retro design ethos ever since, making stylistic adjustments here and there to keep the bike looking fresh. The more meaningful changes are reserved for improved performance and electronics, ensuring that those who appreciate the classics don’t live with old-school handling and safety. Put together, the heritage design and modern rideability make these motorcycles ideal for those who want to express themselves with unique customizations against a backdrop of timeless BMW boxer-powered beauty.

Fast Facts About the 2024 R12 Models

These stand-out features highlight what to expect from the R12 and R12 nineT.

  • Two models – the cruiser styled R12 and the R12 nineT roadster, both offered in standard Blackstorm Metallic but each with two additional color options.
  • Powered by an air/oil cooled 1170cc boxer twin delivering 109hp on the R12 nineT and 95hp on the R12, channeled through a six speed transmission and shaft drive on a paralever rear suspension.
  • Plenty of stopping power courtesy of dual radial mounted calipers on 310mm discs up front and a 265mm single disc with a two-piston floating caliper at the back.
  • Weight and suspension geometry optimized for performance – the R12 and nineT are light weight motorcycles (500 and 485 pounds respectively) but each with a wheelbase and steering rake matched to their cruiser and roadster purpose.
  • Standard rider aids – traction control, ABS, and Engine Torque Control.
  • Electronics include multiple riding modes that adapt handling for current road conditions.
  • Available in dealer showrooms sometime in the first quarter of 2024 (BMW has not announced a specific date).
  • The base model R12s is priced at $12,345 MSRP, but most riders will add the Select Package containing heated grips, hill start, cruise control, gear shift assist, and BMW connected ride, for an additional cost of $1,524. BMW offers a number of trim options as well that can easily bring the final price to over $20,000.

Modern Performance in Classic Dress

The R12 features a relaxed cruiser-styled riding position. Image courtesy of BMW of North America.

These bikes aren’t available for test rides just yet, but the technical specifications are tantalizing. An air and oil cooled 1170cc boxer twin cranks out 109hp on the R12 nineT and 95hp on the R12 delivered to the rear wheel through a six speed transmission and shaft drive. Weighing only 500 and 485 pounds respectively, the R12 and R12 nineT feature favorable power to weight ratios. The R12 suspension geometry has cruiser characteristics. The wheelbase is slightly longer than the nineT at 59.8 inches (vs 59.5) with more rake, 29.3 vs 27.7. We believe trail will be correspondingly different, that is longer on the R12 than the nineT, based on caster measurements from BMW (BMW has not published actual trail measurements). Add radial mounted brakes and one can easily conclude that both bikes have strong performance characteristics while the R12 nineT will have more agile handling qualities. And that makes sense given the cruiser vs roadster profiles of these motorcycles.

State of the Art Rider Aids

Even though these bikes have classic looks, the electronics and rider aids are state of the art. Both models come equipped with keyless ride and BMW intelligent emergency call features, as well as traction control and ABS (the R12 nineT includes BMW ABS Pro). The electronics package also includes Engine Drag Torque Control to minimize wheel slip during downshifts or sudden throttle release. Selectable ride modes adjust throttle response, drag torque control, and traction control for current road conditions. Ride Modes on the R12 nineT are Rain, Road, and Dynamic for more responsive performance. The R12 offers Roll and Rock modes, the former suited to normal riding and the latter for more excitement. A cluster of two round analog dials report speedometer and RPM following classic styling queues (the RPM dial is an option on the R12).

R12 nineT with saddle bags
The R12 nineT dressed for a road trip. Notice the analog speedometer and tach. This is a European model with a central taillight; US models will use LED lights integrated into the turn signals. Image courtesy of BMW of North America.

Worthwhile Options

What more could anyone ask for? Well, BMW Motorrad offers a list of rider comfort and convenience add-ons as well as Option 719 customizations. Noteworthy among them are Hill Shift Assist (no more worries on even the steepest hill), Shift Assist Pro (faster shifting without clutching), and of course heated grips and cruise control.

micro-TFT panel and Connected Ride Control app
This optional 3.5 inch micro-TFT panel replaces standard round gauges and includes a multi-controller wheel. Also shown is a smartphone running the optional Connected Ride Control app and the included smartphone mount. Image courtesy of BMW of North America.

An intriguing option to consider is the micro-TFT panel. Motorcycles equipped with this option are configured with a 3.5 inch display panel in place of an analog speedometer and tach plus the BMW multi-controller mounted near the left grip. Riders who opt for the micro-TFT panel should carefully consider the merits of adding the Connected Ride Control feature. This feature along with the BMW Motorrad app allows riders to view vehicle data and navigation information on their Bluetooth connected smartphone using the multi-controller. Connected Ride Control even includes a smartphone mount.

More Information from BMW

The 2024 R12 and R12 nineT press release from BMW Motorrad appears below. Find current pricing and options on the BMW R12 website.

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BMW Press Release

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – Nov. 23, 2023 . . . BMW Motorrad proudly introduces the new 2024 R 12 nineT and R 12 Classic Roadster and Cruiser.
With the introduction of the original R nineT in 2013, BMW Motorrad presented more than just a classic-style roadster. From the beginning, it combined classic motorcycle design and modern technology with craftsmanship and comprehensive customization options. It led to a whole family or Roadsters for the BMW Motorrad Heritage line.  
The guiding principle for the development of the new R 12 nineT was “The Spirit of nineT”, with the goal of following in the footsteps of the successful R nineT and carrying forward its look, timelessness, and high customization qualities. While the new R 12 nineT as a classic roadster aims to make a stylish impression in urban environments as well as provide dynamic riding fun on winding roads, the new BMW R 12 comes under the motto “The Spirit of Easy” – perfectly embodying a classic cruiser for cool and relaxed riding.

Key features of the new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12

  • 1,170 cc air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder boxer engines.
  • R 12 nineT with 109 hp at 7,000 rpm and 85 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm.
  • R 12 with 95 hp at 6,500 rpm and 81 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm.
  • 6-speed transmission with drive shaft.
  • Exemplary craftsmanship with great attention to detail.
  • Designed for customizing.
  • Left-hand exhaust system with double mufflers and conical end caps.
  • New under-seat airbox.
  • New Classic trellis frame with bolted-on rear section.
  • Fully adjustable upside-down telescopic front forks and Paralever rear swing arm with the shock, now arranged at an angle, with revised travel-dependent damping.
  • Radially mounted 4-piston monobloc brake calipers, steel flex brake lines and floating 310 mm brake discs.
  • BMW Motorrad ABS Pro for safer braking even when cornering.
  • Tailored customization through genuine BMW Motorrad accessories.
  • Standard riding modes “Rain”, “Road” and “Dynamic” in the R 12 nineT and “Roll” and “Rock” in the R 12.
  • DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) and Engine Drag Torque Control as standard.
  • New classic round instruments as well as USB-C and 12 V socket.
  • Digital TFT display available as an option.  
  • Powerful standard LED lighting with optional adaptive Headlight Pro.
  • Keyless Ride standard.
  • Three attractive paint options for each model.  

2. Design

“Ten years ago, we at BMW Motorrad introduced the R nineT, which established the segment of classic bikes. The new R 12 series takes this path of emotional, original motorcycle riding even further: with clearer lines, a more consistent implementation in each segment, and greater customization possibilities.”
Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad.

The new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12 are classic cruisers and roadsters that combine the torquey character of the boxer engine and the design language of traditional motorcycle eras with innovative technology and a modular concept that offers the rider maximum customization options. Reduction to the essentials and attention to detail were key priorities in the development of the design, resulting in a strong emotional appeal.

Customizing is more popular than ever. The trend started by the R nineT when it was launched in 2013, has given rise to an incredibly creative scene over the years. BMW Motorrad has catered to this demand with a whole model family centered around the R nineT, giving birth to the BMW Motorrad Heritage family. Ever since, the desire for customizing and personalization has been burning in countless motorcycle riders’ hearts. So, the question was not whether there will be a successor to the R nineT model family, but how it can fulfil the desires and needs of customers even more captivatingly and authentically.

Accordingly, the new R 12 and R 12 nineT are built on a common, versatile chassis with a now one-piece trellis frame, an airbox positioned flat under the seat and an angled rear shock. This allows for different, interchangeable tank shapes, providing greater visual individuality. It also offers freedom in designing the seats and fly lines.

The new R 12 nineT and R 12 offer classic design and optimal ergonomics.
 On the BMW R 12 nineT, the aluminum tank with brushed and clear-coated side panels, the seat, and the tail-hump create a rising, dynamic line. Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad: “The purist design language is dominated by the clear tank/seat/rear line, in the style of the traditional /5 or the legendary R 90 S of the 70s. At first glance, the tank itself is a classic BMW boxer tank, with a typical bend in the lower edge and classic knee contact. The new R 12 nineT also features side covers in the area of the frame triangle for an authentic Roadster look – another reminiscence of BMW motorcycles of the 1970s.” The focus on essential design is supported by the compact and short tail section. The shorter fuel tank, which is 1.2-inches shorter and narrower in the rear, ensures significantly improved ergonomics and a more front-oriented seating position compared to its predecessor.

The R 12 nineT features a 31.3-inch seat height while the R 12 offers a lower, 29.7-inch seat height.

On the new BMW R 12, the steel tank, reminiscent of the so-called “Toaster Tanks” of the 1970s BMW /5 models, emphasizes the design language of a cruiser in a classic teardrop shape and forms a descending line in combination with the standard solo seat and the curved, low-mounted rear fender. The large 19-inch front wheel and the smaller 16-inch rear wheel complement this look. The classic cruiser design is also reflected in the more relaxed seating position with lower seat height and wider handlebars.

Strong attention to detail.
The new Heritage models’ attention to detail is evident in numerous features, such as the intricately designed front fender bracket or the LED headlight – with a black-framed light element on the R 12 nineT. The instrument panel also seamlessly integrates into the overall style. On the R 12 nineT, it features two traditional round instruments, while the R 12 has a single round instrument. The LED turn signals on the upper fork bridge are equipped with tinted smoke lenses. The R 12 nineT also has smoked rear turn signal lenses, while the new R 12 features integrated functional turn signals.

On the U.S. R 12 nineT, the LED rear lights are elegantly and discreetly integrated into the turn signal lights, while European models feature a central taillight. The concept of a classic roadster and classic cruiser is also reflected in the exhaust system with two, rear stacked mufflers, fitted with conical end pieces.

The BMW Motorrad Design Team’s keen attention to detail is evident in the side covers. Painted in matching body color, they prominently showcase the bright chrome-plated badges – with the R 12 nineT displaying a model designation, while the R 12 does not. On Option 719 vehicles, the badges are finished with the corresponding lettering. In addition, an aluminum frame badge with their model designation adorns the new R 12 nineT and R 12.

Three attractive paint options.
The BMW R 12 nineT and R 12, are each available in three attractive color options.

R 12 nineT

  • Standard Blackstorm Metallic.
  • Optional San Remo Green Metallic.
  • Optional Option 719 “Aluminum” in brushed Aluminum / Night Black.

R 12

  • Standard Blackstorm Metallic.
  • Optional Aventurine Red Metallic.
  • Optional Option 719 “Thorium” in Avus Silver Metallic.

3. Drivetrain

“The two new R 12 models feature an air/oil-cooled boxer engine, providing both powerful and characterful performance. In the R 12 nineT, it ensures high riding dynamics with its peak power, while in the R 12 it emphasizes torque at low engine speeds.” Norbert Rebholz, Project Manager Air-Cooled Boxer Series BMW Motorrad.

Boxer engine offers power and torque for dynamic riding and relaxed cruising.
For the past 100 years, the two-cylinder boxer engine and shaft drive have been synonymous with BMW motorcycles. In line with this legacy, the new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12 models, released in the “100 Years of BMW Motorrad” anniversary year, emphasize this distinctive powertrain configuration. Since the appearance of the first BMW motorcycle – the R 32 – in 1923, BMW Motorrad boxer engines have been known for their distinctive, rugged design, abundant torque, and unique sound. This is also true for the new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12, whose boxer engine is based on the engine introduced in 2007 with the BMW HP 2 Sport and is considered an iconic representative among BMW boxer engines in terms of technology, performance, and torque delivery.

The air/oil-cooled boxer engine with a 101 mm bore, 73 mm stroke and 1,170 cc capacity delivers 109 hp in the R 12 nineT at 7,000 rpm and the maximum torque of 85 lb-ft. is reached at 6,500 rpm. In the R 12, 95 hp are available at 6,500 rpm and 81 lb-ft. are generated at 6,000 rpm. The maximum engine speed is 8,500 rpm.

The valves, which are only radially arranged in the combustion chamber for this BMW boxer engine, are controlled by two overhead, chain-driven camshafts (DOHC) per cylinder. Lightweight cam followers are responsible for valve operation, and the valve clearance is adjusted using hemispherical shims. The cylinder head covers have been redesigned, drawing inspiration from the design of BMW’s legendary two-valve boxer engines. The proven six-speed transmission and the drive shaft transfer power to the rear wheel.

New airbox, now integrated under the seat.
As part of the complete redesign of the chassis, the new R 12 models also feature a new airbox. Unlike the previous R nineT series, the airbox no longer has an air intake duct located below the tank. It is now fully integrated under the seat.

New “Twin Pipe” exhaust system delivers the unmistakable boxer sound.
The left-hand mounted “Twin Pipe” exhaust system with two rear mufflers and reverse-cone cap design caters to both the desire for a classically designed roadster and a cruiser. Unlike the previous R nineT series, there is no longer a need for an exhaust flap.

The new manifold routing leads into a front muffler in front of the rear wheel, in which the catalytic converter is housed. On the new R 12 nineT, the manifolds and the front muffler are chrome-plated, and the rear muffler is electro-polished. The new R 12, on the other hand, features electro-polished manifolds and front muffler, while the rear muffler features a brushed finish.

The genuine BMW Motorrad accessories for the R 12 nineT and R 12 offer exhaust customization options to match the character of the two new R 12 models to personal preferences. For a particularly technical touch, a titanium sports muffler is available.

Riding modes and standard DTC and Engine Drag Torque Control.
The new R 12 nineT features “Rain”, “Road” and “Dynamic” riding modes as standard while the new R 12 has “Roll” and “Rock” riding modes so the rider can adapt the riding behavior to their personal preferences. Both new R 12 models are equipped with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), which ensures a high level of driving safety when accelerating. In addition, the new R 12 Models equipped with Engine Drag Torque Control as standard.

While DTC offers increased riding safety when accelerating, especially on slippery road surfaces, the Engine Drag Control prevents the rear wheel from slipping as a result of abruptly releasing the throttle or downshifting, even under braking. Thanks to Engine Drag Torque Control, the new R 12 models detect this danger at an early stage.

Depending on the coefficient of friction between the tire and the road surface, the throttle valves are opened in milliseconds so that the drag torque is compensated for, and the rear tire remains in the optimal friction range. This results in further enhanced safety, especially on slippery roads.

In “Rain” mode on the R 12 nineT, the throttle response is gentle, and the traction control and torque control systems are more sensitive, ensuring increased safety on slippery roads.

In “Road” mode, the throttle response is balanced, and the DTC control and Engine Drag Torque Control systems are designed for dry and high traction road conditions.

In “Dynamic mode”, you can fully experience the potential of the new R 12 nineT. The throttle response is very direct, allowing for more slip at the rear wheel, and the Dynamic Traction Control optimally regulates traction even during sporty cornering.

The “Roll” mode in the new R 12 ensures optimal throttle response and the DTC and Engine Drag Control systems are adjusted for ideal performance on all types of roads.

The “Rock” riding mode allows the rider to explore the full dynamic potential of the new R 12. Throttle response is spontaneous and direct, and DTC allows a little more slip. As a special feature, the bike idles with a deliberately irregular rhythm in the “Rock” mode.

Optional Shift Assistant Pro.
The optional, Shift Assistant Pro, allows for clutchless shifting in almost all load and speed ranges. It offers increased dynamic performance and comfort compared to manual shifting, with extremely short shift times that enable acceleration with minimal interruption of pulling power.

4. Chassis

“The completely new, now one-piece tubular spaceframe provides an even cleaner and more classic appearance.” Bart Janssen Groesbeek, Designer Vehicle Design BMW Motorrad.

New, one-piece trellis bridge steel frame with bolt-on rear section.
The centerpiece of the new BMW R 12 models is the completely newly developed trellis steel frame. This frame differs from the previous R nineT series, which had a two-piece front main frame. As a result, the new frame eliminates the need for previous fastenings, reducing weight and giving the new R 12 models a cleaner and more classic appearance. The rear frame, also made of tubular steel, is bolted to the main frame.

The R 12 nineT’s suspension geometry is even more focused on excellent handling and enjoyable roadster fun on winding roads. It comes equipped with cast light-alloy wheels measuring 3.50 x 17″ at the front and 5.50 x 17″ at the rear (120/70 ZR 17 or 180/55 ZR 17 tires). The wheelbase is 59.5-inches, the caster is 4.4-inches, and the rake is 27.7 degrees.

To cater to the cruiser character for more relaxed riding, the new R 12 has an optimized suspension geometry design with increased rake, longer caster, and increased wheelbase. It also features cast light-alloy wheels, but 2.75 x 19″ at the front and 4.00 x 16″ at the rear (100/90-19 or 150/80-16 tires). The wheelbase is 59.8-inches, the caster is 5.2-inches, and the rake is 29.3 degrees.

Upside-down telescopic forks and Paralever rear suspension with revised travel-dependent damping.
The new R 12 nineT and R 12 feature upside-down telescopic 45mm front forks, fully adjustable on the R 12 nineT. Front suspension travel is 4.7-inches on the R 12 nineT and 3.5-inches on the R 12.

The rear suspension of the R 12 nineT features a Paralever swing arm combined with a directly linked shock, which is now angled diagonally compared to the previous R nineT series. The shock has road-dependent damping, adjustable spring preload and rebound damping. The improved road-dependent damping of the shock now includes a hydraulic bump stop, which prevents bottoming out during riding. The rear suspension travel is 4.7-inches on the R 12 nineT and 3.5-inches on the R 12.

BMW Motorrad ABS Pro for safe braking even when cornering.
The front brakes of the new R 12 nineT and R 12, feature twin 310 mm discs with two radially mounted 4-piston monobloc brake calipers. A single 265 mm disc brake with a 2-piston floating caliper is used on the rear wheel.

The new R 12 models are equipped with BMW Motorrad ABS Pro (part-integral) as standard. ABS Pro offers more safety when braking in turns by enabling ABS-assisted braking when leaning. ABS Pro prevents the wheels from locking even when the brakes are applied quickly. The benefits are increased braking and riding stability combined with the best possible deceleration, even when cornering. Depending on the selected riding mode, ABS Pro and the Engine Drag Torque Control offer adapted control characteristics for optimum braking maneuvers.

Optional Hill Start Assist Pro 
The optional Hill Start Assist Pro makes it easier to hold and start on inclines. The holding pressure in the brake system depends on the gradient, which is determined by a lean angle sensor. This information allows for improved comfort during starting from a stop in all conditions. Combined with control electronics, HSA Pro offers greater safety and enhanced convenience.

With HSC Pro, the brake is automatically released when starting from a stop or forcefully operating the hand brake lever. Hill Start Control Pro also includes the function Auto HSC. The settings menu allows this additional function to be individualized in such a way that the parking brake is automatically activated on a gradient (greater than +/- 3 %) when the hand or foot brake lever has been pressed, shortly after the motorcycle comes to a standstill.

5. Electronics

“The newly designed and larger round instruments offer all necessary information at a glance, while maintaining a classic design. We have taken the modern customizing concept into account with a new micro TFT display.” Carina Höfler, Product Management Heritage BMW Motorrad.

New classic round instruments, USB-C and 12 V socket and available digital display.
The new R 12 nineT comes equipped with two analog round instruments for speed and rpm, a USB-C port on the left side, and a 12V socket on the right side for the onboard network. The round instruments continue to support customization by communicating via a LIN-Bus and separating the control and display units. The standard instrumentation for the new R 12 is limited to the speedometer, but the rev counter can be retrofitted from the list of available genuine BMW Motorcycle accessories.

The new round instruments only resemble those of the previous R nineT series at first glance. They have increased in diameter by 0.2-inches, resulting in even better readability, and the dials for the speedometer and rev counter have been redesigned. Another new feature is the scaling of the rev counter, whose digits are now based on a multiplication factor of 100.

The control lights and a digital display are integrated into the dial of the speedometer. On the R 12 nineT it functions as a menu scroll, while on the R 12 it still displays the engaged gear and the selected riding mode.

Furthermore, the R 12 nineT has an additional digital display in the rev counter. In addition to showing the selected gear and the riding mode, it also offers a configurable additional display.

With the Digital Display option, the round instruments on the new R 12 nineT and R 12 are replaced by a 3.5-inch micro TFT display. The high resolution of the micro-TFT display ensures excellent readability even in difficult lighting conditions and brings the instrument display of the new R 12 models into the digital age. As a highlight, the menu includes the Pure Ride mode, which displays only the most necessary information (speed, riding mode, selected gear) to emphasize the purist riding experience.

Powerful standard LED lighting with optional adaptive Headlight Pro.
The new R 12 nineT and the R 12 feature full LED lighting as standard. The optional adaptive Headlight Pro light system offers even more safety at night. The headlamp segments are each supplemented by adaptive cornering light elements. This allows for better illumination of the road in curves, ensuring a safer night-time ride.

U.S. models feature rear / brake lights which are integrated into the rear turn signals.

Optional Connected Ride Control.
The optional Connected Ride Control, equips the two R 12 models with a Bluetooth interface for connecting a smartphone and using the BMW Motorrad Connected app. This allows for the display of vehicle data, riding dynamics data, weather information at the current location, and map navigation. The familiar BMW Motorrad Multi-Controller on the left handlebar can be used to conveniently control the app without removing hands from the handlebar. The MotoMount by SP Connect and the Universal Phone Clamp ensure quick, secure, and vibration-isolated mounting of the smartphone on the handlebar.

Standard Keyless Ride.
The standard Keyless Ride system replaces the conventional ignition lock on the new R 12 models. The use of a traditional key is now only necessary for the steering lock and fuel tank cap. The ignition and anti-theft alarm system, which is available as a dealer installed accessory, are controlled by means of a transponder integrated in the vehicle key, which transmits a radio signal with a vehicle-specific frequency. The key can therefore remain in the rider’s jacket, for example. Readiness to ride is established by pressing the ON button on the right handlebar switch.

Intelligent Emergency Call for even more motorcycling safety.
Ensuring the fastest possible assistance in the event of an accident or in situations of emergency and danger can save people’s lives. For this reason, BMW Motorrad has developed an eCall system – “Intelligent Emergency Call” – which aims to get help to the scene of the incident as quickly as possible. For the new R 12 models, this system is included as a standard feature in the market-dependent equipment program.

6. Equipment
Standard Equipment

  • 1,170 cc air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder DOHC boxer engine.
  • R 12 nineT with 109 hp at 7,000 rpm and 85 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm.
  • R 12 with 95 hp at 6,500 rpm and 81 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm.
  • 6-speed transmission with drive shaft.
  • Cast aluminum wheels.
  • Blackstorm Metallic Paint.
  • 310 mm Twin-disk front brakes with 265 mm single-disk rear.
  • BMW Motorrad ABS (ABS Pro on R 12 nineT).
  • 45 mm upside down front forks (adjustable on R 12 nineT).
  • BMW Motorrad Paralever rear suspension with pre-load adjustment.
  • DTC Dynamic Traction Control.
  • Engine Drag Torque Control.
  • Steering Stabilizer.
  • Adjustable Handbrake and Clutch Levers.
  • Keyless Ride.
  • Analog Gauges (one gauge on R 12).
  • On-Board Computer.
  • USB-C and 12-volt power sockets.
  • Full LED Lighting.
  • Aluminum Tank on R 12 nineT (Steel tank on R 12).
  • Chrome Plated Header on R 12 nineT.

Optional Packages – R 12 nineT

Select Package  

  • Hill Start Assist Pro
  • Shift Assistant Pro
  • Heated Grips
  • Cruise Control
  • Connected Ride Control

Option 719 Package Aluminum  

  • Nightblack Front Fender and Airbox Cover.
  • Brushed Aluminum Tank and Rear Fender.
  • Brushed Aluminum Windscreen
  • Red Frame
  • Black Forks and Handlebars.
  • Chromium Plated Inner Headlight Cover.
  • Single Seat
  • Option 719 Billet Pack Shadow II
    • Milled, Shadow Foot Shift and Foot Brake Levers.
    • Milled, Shadow Rider and Passenger Footrest Systems.
    • Milled, Shadow, Brake and Clutch Levers.
    • Milled, Shadow Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover and Handlebar End Mirrors.
  • Option 719 Classic
    • Milled, Classic Ignition Coil Cover and Oil Plug.
    • Classic Option 719 Badges.
    • Nurburg Silver Metallic Matte Cylinder Head Covers.

Individual Options – R 12 nineT

  • Headlight Pro. 
  • Solo Seat with Brushed Aluminum Tail Cover and Muffler Bracket.
  • Option 719 Black Classic Spoked Wheels.
  • Tire pressure Monitor.
  • Micro-TFT Digital Display.

Optional Packages – R 12 

Select Package  

  • Hill Start Assist Pro
  • Shift Assistant Pro
  • Heated Grips
  • Cruise Control
  • Connected Ride Control

Option 719 Package Thorium  

  • Design Option Exhaust.
  • Design Option 719 Bench Seat.
  • Billet Pack Shadow.
    • Milled, Shadow Ignition Coil Cover and Oil Plug.
    • Shadow Option 719 Badges.
    • Avus Black Metallic Matte Cylinder Head Covers.
  • Billet Pack Shadow II.
    • Milled, Shadow Foot Shift and Foot Brake Levers.
    • Milled, Shadow Rider and Passenger Footrest Systems.
    • Milled, Shadow, Brake and Clutch Levers.
    • Milled, Shadow Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover and Handlebar End Mirrors.

Individual Options – R 12 

  • Design Option Exhaust System with Chromium Plated Header.
  • Headlight Pro
  • Passenger Kit
  • Option 719 Black Classic Spoked Wheels.
  • Option 719 Gold Classic II Spoked Wheels.
  • Tire pressure Monitor.
  • Micro-TFT Digital Display.


  • Cockpit Fairing (R 12 nineT).
  • Aluminum Rear Hump Cover (R 12 nineT).
  • Option 719 Shadow Footrest Systems (both).
  • Black Handlebars (R 12 nineT).
  • Gold Handlebars (R 12).
  • Drag Style Handlebars, Black (R 12).
  • Option 719 Shadow Hand Levers (both).
  • Aluminum 2-Valve Style Cylinder Head Covers (both).
  • Option 719 Classic Cylinder Head Covers (both).
  • Option 719 Shadow Cylinder Head Covers (both).
  • Titanium Sport Silencer (both).
  • Option 719 Classic Wheels, Black (both).
  • Option 719 Classic II Wheels, Gold (R 12).
  • Short Rear Tail Section Conversion, Silver or Black (R 12 nineT).
  • Custom Rear Tail Section Conversion, Silver or Black (R 12).
  • Option 719 Hand-Brushed Aluminum Fuel Tank (R 12 nineT).
  • Option 719 Shadow Handlebar End Mirrors (both).
  • Touring Windscreen (R 12).
  • Comfort Bench Seat (R 12).
  • Tachometer (R 12).
  • Micro TFT Instrument Cluster
  • GPS Prep (both).
  • ConnectedRide Navigator (both).
  • ConnectedRide Smartphone Cradle (both).
  • Cylinder Head Cover Protectors (both).
  • Hand Protectors, Black (both).
  • Tank Bag, 5 liter in Black, Urban, Adventure, or SoulFuel Collection (both).
  • Right Side Bag, 10 liter in Black, Urban, Adventure, or SoulFuel Collection (R 12).
  • Side Bags 10 liter + 16 liter in Black, Urban, Adventure, or SoulFuel Collection (R 12 nineT).

Technical specifications.

   R 12                                                             R 12 nineT
Capacity   cc/cu. in. 1,170 / 71
Bore x strokemm 101.0 x 73.0
Outputhp  95 @ 6,500 rpm                               109 @ 7,000 rpm
Torquelb-ft.  81 @ 6,000 rpm                                 85 @ 6,500 rpm
Type  Air/oil-cooled boxer engine
No. of cylinders  2
Compression / fuel  12.0:1 / premium unleaded
Valve / accelerator actuation  DOHC / 4-valves per cylinder
Ø intake/exhaust valve 39.0 / 33.0
Ø throttle body                                                                                       50
Engine control  BMS-O
Emission control  Controlled 3-way catalytic converter, EU5+
Electrical system   
AlternatorW 660
BatteryV/Ah 12/14 maintenance-free
Headlight  Full LED lighting
StarterW 1,200
Clutch  Hydraulically operated dry clutch
Gearbox  Claw-operated 6-speed gearbox
Primary ratio  1.737
Transmission ratios I  2.375
                                        II  1.696
                                        III  1.296
                                        IV  1.065
                                        V  0.939
                                        VI  0.848
Rear wheel drive  Universal Shaft
Transmission ratio  2.910
Frame construction type  Steel trellis bridge frame, engine self-supporting
Front suspension  Upside-down, 45 mm, telescopic forks
Rebound and compression adjustable on R 12 nineT
Rear suspension  Aluminum Paralever swing arm with central shock.
Rebound damping adjustable
Suspension travel front/rearin.            3.5 / 3.5                                                       4.7 / 4.7
Wheel castorin.            5.2                                                                       4.4
Wheelbasein.            59.8                                                                   59.5
Rake°            29.3                                                                   27.7
Brakesfront Twin floating brake disks Ø 310 mm
                                                             4-piston fixed calipers
 rear Single-disc brake Ø 265 mm
Two-piston floating caliper
ABS  BMW Motorrad ABS Pro
Wheels  Light alloy cast wheels
 front  2.75 x 19”                                                    3.50 x 17″
 rear  4.00 x 16”                                                     5.50 x 17”
TiresFront 100/90 R 19                                             120/70 ZR 17
 Rear 150/80 R 16                                             180/55 ZR 17
Dimensions and weights   
Total length  in. 86.6                                                                       83.9
Total width  in. 32.7                                                                       34.3
Seat height  in. 29.7                                                                       31.3
DIN unladen weight  lbs. 500                                                                        485
Permitted total weightlbs. 948
Fuel tank capacitygal. 3.7                                                                          4.2
Performance figures   
0-62 mphsec. 3.9                                                                          3.6
Top speedmph 124+