AIMExpo for 2024 wraps up at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Image © American Sport Touring.

Highlights from AIMExpo Day 3

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The third and final day of AIMExpo 2024 has successfully concluded. We maximized every hour, visiting numerous booths to engage in discussions and exchange ideas with industry experts responsible for creating the motorcycles and products that are the backbone of our industry.

While product announcements were few, we found interesting product news to share.

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Tires for Sport Touring

On the final day of the show, we dedicated our time to engaging with tire manufacturers. Leading brands such as Bridgestone, Metzler, Continental, and Dunlop were present, alongside a selection of lesser-known brands, including Mitas. Notably absent were Michelin and Pirelli.

Mitas tires
Mitas Touring Force and Sport Force+ are a new choice for intermediate-level sport touring and track day riders in the US. Image © American Sport Touring.

We started with Mitas, a well-known brand in Europe now getting started in the US. The company was founded as part of Michelin and is now owned by Yokohama.  Mitas sells two tires for sport touring – the Sport Force+ and the Touring Force.  The Sport Force+ is popular with track schools in Europe and suitable for mixed track and street use.  The Touring Force has traditional sport touring qualities. Priced 10% to 15% below comparable Dunlop tires, Mitas believes these tires are a good choice for intermediate-level riders, those not inclined to push limits in corners.

Bridgestone Battlax tires
New for 2024, the Battlax Hypersport S23 sport touring tire from Bridgestone. Image © American Sport Touring.

Over at the Bridgestone booth, we learned the Battlax Hypersport S23 will soon be available in North America. This tire improves on the S22, winner of last year’s BMW Motorrad Shootout.  The S23 features a new tread pattern on proven S22 carcass construction.  The front tire uses a dual compound, while the rear adds a mid-level compound between the center and edge.  Bridgestone testing showed the rear offers 8% longer wear life compared to the S22.  The Hypersport S23 is a solid choice for the Hypersport S23 is a solid option experienced sport touring riders who participate in occasional track days. 


Sport touring rides can look forward to the new Metzler Roadtec O2, coming to the US market in late April or early May (depending on manufacturing and shipping).  The innovative tread on the O2 features an unusual groove that narrows.  The narrow section is designed to compresses under cornering load creating additional grip when its needed most.  The Metzler Roadtec 02 front tire is a single compound while the rear is a dual compound. 

Dunlop tires
Dunlop Roadsmart IV and Mutant sport touring tires, beside the 05S track tire. Image © American Sport Touring.

Dunlop did not introduce new products this year.  Their booth featured the  Roadsmart IV and Mutant tires, both top offerings for sport touring riders.  The Mutant is a multi-compound sport tire that reaches into sport touring, while the Roadsmart IV is a touring tire that can hold its own at a track day.

The team from Continental Tires put the RoadAttack 3 on display.  This tire is not new, and Continental did not announce new sport touring options for 2024.

Windshields Made in the USA

Moving away from tires, we met with the National Cycle team.  Most riders don’t know the name, but odds are the windshield on their motorcycle was made by National Cycle.  The largest OEMs, including BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and Triumph, get their windshields from this 87 year old family owned business.  At this year’s expo, National Cycle announced Quantum Plus, the next generation in the line of Quantum hardcoated products.  Quantum Plus windshields are crystal clear, highly scratch, crack, and UV resistant, and shed water with ease.  National Cycle also makes the VStream line of replacement windshields designed to reduce air pressure on the rider while also improving windshield stability.  The company is headquartered in Maywood Illinois and designs and manufactures their entire product line in the United States.

National Cycle windshields
An example VStream replacement windshield from National Cycle. Image © American Sport Touring.

Looking Forward to AIMExpo 2025

With the 2024 AIMExpo behind us, we reflect on an industry conference brimming with innovation and forward-thinking ideas across the entire motorcycle ecosystem. This year’s expo not only highlighted the industry’s relentless pursuit of advancement but also underscored a commitment to enhancing rider experience and safety.

We’re already looking ahead with anticipation to next year’s conference and the promise of more groundbreaking developments that will shape the future of motorcycling.

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