Product announcements continued through the second day of AIMExpo 2024. Image © American Sport Touring.

AIMExpo Day 2 Highlights

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The second day at AIMExpo brought more news, this time focused on motorcycling accessories.  We talked with manufacturers to learn more about the products that will make your next sport touring ride even better than the last.  Here’s a recap of what we found.  Look for in-depth information on many of these and more in future articles.

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Attention Getting Luggage Options

What’s more important on a touring ride than luggage?  Nelson-Rigg, a long-time trusted motorcycle accessory brand, announced the all-weather Hurricane Tail Bag, sold under the adventure brand Rigg Gear.  Adventure or not, this sturdy bag will look great on any sport touring bike. It features a waterproof outer shell and a neoprene storm flap surrounding the top zipper.  A MOLLE panel on the lid provides additional attachment points for lightweight gear.  The 12 liter model sells for $139; a 28 liter version is available for $20 more.

Rigg Gear tail bag
New for 2024, Rigg Gear Hurricane 12 liter tail bag. Image © American Sport Touring.

Furchtlos, an emerging European luggage maker had an assortment of well-engineered hard cases, top boxes, and soft luggage on display.  The leather-like micro-fiber tank and tail bags exude a cruiser vibe.  But the product that struck us most was the Shield line of top boxes.  The design is modern and clean, featuring a choice of lid colors on a standard black base, completely hidden hinges, and built-in backrests.  The smaller model comfortably swallows a full-face helmet with room to spare (35 liters); the larger model can handle two.  All Shield top boxes are compatible with standard tail mounting brackets.    

Furchtlos Shield top box
Furchtlos Shield 35 liter top box. Image © American Sport Touring.

Useful Accessories

Accessory makers covered the spectrum this year.  We picked a few standouts to comment on.  The first, new to AIMExpo, is GPS Vehicle Tracker.  The company, based in Oregon, makes a transmitter that continuously sends GPS coordinates to a cloud service.  The service was initially designed to track and locate vehicles.  But because location data are saved, (for up to 1 year), riders can also review route history and download and share prior routes complete with GPS details.  And there’s a safety aspect to the product as well.  For example, a friend can query the system to check your progress and take action if the bike has stopped moving for an unexpectedly long period of time indicating a possible crash.  The GPS Vehicle Tracker is available at motorcycle dealers and comes with three years of cellular connectivity; after which it costs only $39.99 per year to continue coverage. 

Denali D7 Pro light
Denali D7 Pro auxiliary light with included center lenses. Image © American Sport Touring.

Twisted Throttle announced the D7 Pro 4 inch round auxiliary light featuring an array of 7 LEDs, three arranged horizontally across the center and two each on the top and bottom.  The upper and lower LEDs operate on one circuit, while the center LEDs are on a second, giving the rider control to dial-up the right amount of light for any situation.   Denali offers bike-specific wiring harnesses for easy installation and CAN bus options for full integration.  All that light, however, comes at a price.  A pair of D7s along with wiring harness and mounting brackets will set you back over $1000.  Look for these lights to hit the US market in March.

RAM Mounts X-Grip
RAM Mounts X-Grip featuring the new Vibe Safe vibration isolator. Image © American Sport Touring.

Need a mount for your phone?  After 2 years in development and testing, RAM Mounts announced Vibe Safe.  Vibe Safe is a vibration isolating device that sits between the traditional X-Grip and the nitro rubber mounting ball.  SP Connect was also at the show with a wide assortment of phone mounting hardware.  The simplicity of the SP Connect twist-and-lock mechanism, vibration isolation, built in charging options, and choice of mounting options is hard to beat.


And finally, Sena announced two communication products that group riders will love.  The new Sena 60S and its big brother, the Sena 60R, both feature a new communication capability Sena calls Wave Intercom.  In effect, when a DMC (dynamic mesh connectivity) connection is not possible Sena Wave Intercom technology uses your Bluetooth paired phone and the Sena app to create a VOIP (voice over IP) channel with other riders,  all of whom must also have Wave enabled headsets for this to work. The 60R also comes with a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that can be used instead of the included in-helmet speakers or separately purchased wired earbuds.  Sena updated the app with new group riding features as well.  The 60 series releases this year, but Sena did not give a more specific date.


Arai Isle of Man helmet
Arai 2024 Isle of Man helmet. Image © American Sport Touring.

While Arai did not announce new helmets for street riders, the 2024 Isle of Man helmet for 2024 was on display as well as an assortment of Corsair helmets wrapped in new-for-2024 graphics.  The Isle of Man helmet will be available in the coming weeks.  Corsairs are available now.

Elevating the Experience

As the AIMExpo wrapped up its second day, the array of innovative accessories and gear showcased promises to elevate the motorcycling experience for enthusiasts. From cutting-edge luggage solutions by Nelson-Rigg and Furchtlos to advanced tech like the GPS Vehicle Tracker and Sena’s latest communication devices, the future of sport touring looks brighter and more connected. These highlights are just a taste of what’s to come, as we delve deeper into these products in future articles. Stay tuned for in-depth reviews and more insights that will help make your next ride the best one yet.

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